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What constitutes a 'criminal offence'?

A criminal offence is defined as an act or a mission - with the necessary state of mind - that is a crime in this country. For example, criminal offences include: theft, criminal damage, murder, and etc.


What constitutes a 'criminal record'?

A criminal record consists of your criminal history. That is, a criminal record is an account of any reprimands, final warnings, cautions or convictions you've received for criminal acts.


What brings about a 'criminal conviction'?

A criminal conviction is what happens once you have been found guilty or pled guilty to an offence. Following that, the court will need to dispose of that conviction. That means that you will be sentenced for that matter, and you will likely receive a sentence. For example, a prison sentence, a fine, a conditional discharge, etc. A reprimand, a final warning and a caution are not criminal convictions.


When does someone become criminally responsible?

At the age of 10 years old. That means that if they are 10 years old or above, they have criminal responsibility.




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